The OWL Party

Uniting mankind to promote the existence of humanity.

Eventually the Earth will become inhabitable for humans, the sun will expand. Humanity will need to be in space, once out of our solar system we will be in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy. So humanity will need to at least be out of our Galaxy in order to survive. Currently we are handicapping ourselves. Humans are our most precious resource. We have a lot of work to do. Mankind’s technology leapfrogs from an idea from one individual to another. We do not know who or where our next technological breakthrough will occur, but it will be from a human being. We must stop killing one another as we might just lose the possibility of a technological advancement that ensures our species survival. We must not let everything our ancestors experienced and endured be for naught. Everyone should want their family to continue so now is the time for action to ensure our species survives.

The OWL Party will produce a candidate for President in 2020 that will lead the world community in the common goal of promoting the existence of humanity.

The OWL Party is focusing on Alaska first then will be spreading nationally.

The OWL Party is prepared to provide candidates for Alaska’s Gubernatorial race as well as state legislative seats in this years 2018 election.

We have the strategy to win the Alaska Gubernatorial election.

Currently we are collecting Alaskan Voter Registration forms affiliated to the OWL Party. We only need to accumulate 8,500 to transform from a political group to a political party. Once we are established as a political party we will provide Alaskans with candidates.

Alaskans may mail their completed Alaskan Voter Registration form with box 13 filled out “OWL Party” to PO Box 140343 Anchorage AK 99514-0343. This is not a permanent declaration, voter registrations may be updated online. We are required to collect 8,500 to be recognized as a Political Party then we will be added to the drop down menu for affiliations and our candidates may declare themselves running for office.

We are the party for everyone. Not Republican or Democrat, black or white, north or south. If you believe humanity should exist we are the party for you.

The OWL Party will not solve all of the worlds problems. But we do offer hope and a path to a better future. People with hope are less likely to turn to drugs and addicts can recover easier with hope. The OWL Party believes a united world community can provide countries with defined borders and a viable government for all of its citizens. Peace is possible, as all wars are solvable. Providing humanity with a clear path towards ensuring humanities survival is in everyone’s best interest.

We have a plan and a strategy to make this a reality but we need humanities help. If you know someone in Alaska please ask them to support our mission. If the OWL Party can get our required voter registrations we can offer Alaskans the opportunity to make a difference.

If you are in support of humanity please share our message and mission.



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